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Sales proposal requires a new public-private transition strategy

Eneco: highest bidder or social return

Sales proposal requires a new public-private transition strategy
The sale of Eneco can give the company a boost. An impulse to take advantage of opportunities in the short and the long term, both in the energy market and in the energy transition. This impulse will come from a group of investors who have an eye for financial and social returns. A group of investors who – from different perspectives – want to achieve the same: a greater contribution to the developments in which Eneco is already at the forefront.Therefore, Eneco should be sold to a party that uses Eneco’s sustainable DNA for financial value creation in the foreseeable future and social value creation in the long term.

Complex area development requires directing developer

Complex area developments benefit from a developer who takes on the management task. Such a directing developer does not necessarily have to assume the financial risk, but coordinates the tasks of commercial parties and relevant authorities. Municipalities can choose to be at some distance from an area development and thus limit themselves to a more facilitating role. But the management role, in which considerations are made between social and commercial interests, must be fulfilled. This is one of the results of a graduation research project on the “ultimate development” by Maarten Lauwers on behalf of OperationNL.


Rotterdam City Council approved the plans for Feyenoord City

Today the Rotterdam City Council agreed with the plans for Feyenoord City and is paving the way for the realization of this stadium and area development in the South. The good old Kuip gets a worthy and commercially strong successor and is being reallocated for housing and athletics. Feyenoord City brings economic and social progress for Rotterdam South. By combining living, working, sports and recreation, a new lively area of no less than 325,000 m2 is created. The largest part consists of dwellings: 180,000 m2. Furthermore, shops, hotels, sports facilities and public functions are provided. To this end, the accessibility of the area is also improved.

Feyenoord City to next phase

The management boards of Feyenoord Rotterdam NV and Stadium Feijenoord are entering the next phase of the preparations for the construction of the new stadium. In it, the final design for the new stadium and the financing will be further elaborated and completed.

Kuip & South

Operatie NL reported to the municipality of Rotterdam at the beginning of 2015 with the suggestion that – after the BAM plan has died – it should have been done with beautiful stadium designs and contractors in the leading role. We did not want new artist impressions but a development strategy. And not only for a new Kuip, but also for Zuid. It is fair to say that Rotterdam too had already come to the conclusion that Club and the Municipality had to join forces. Operatie NL was then allowed to develop the development strategy. Mail Herman Nieuwenhuis for further information or comments.


On our list of challenging projects, vacancies in the inner cities of the inner cities are in the top 5. That has been further strengthened after the fall of V & D. Operation NL thinks that vacancy should not be the problem of aldermen and property owners, but a tempting challenge for all space users in the shopping centers. Switch from space to exchange? Mail Wout Korving for questions or suggestions.


Stronger by Sport

The joint carriers of the Feyenoord brand (the Paid Football Organization Feyenoord and Stadium Feijenoord) have presented their feasibility study for Feyenoord City. Within one year of the foundation of the project team, led by the presidents-commissioner Cees de Bruin and Gerard Hoetmer, there is a plan that has the approval of the boards and supervisors of Feyenoord and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of Rotterdam.

Air transport over water

Every year, millions of empty sea containers sail worldwide across the world’s seas. Air transport over water, how do we come up with it! These so-called empties take a considerable share in the environmental impact of our international trade. And on the quays in Rotterdam, many square meters are also being made available for the storage of these steel packaging on expensive new soil. That has even become an entire industry. OperationNL plunged into the wonderful world of container logistics and encountered surprising facts. By asking even more questions and hearing lots of parties, we gradually come to a truth that is called chain optimization with a nice word. Read on for more background.

Bicycle parking

Then you want sustainable and then you can not lose the bike. At least, lost for a day. Because where do you have to park if you want to catch the train? Underground? Can! Amsterdam even has 6,000 euros per bicycle space for it. Capital Expenditure … that’s what we like at OperationsNL. But in such a way that the solution is just as sustainable as cycling itself. A nice puzzle for these times, in which ‘sharing’ can provide a lot of air. Stealing or Sharing? Ask info at Huib van Winkoop.

Projects that nobody asks for and everyone is waiting for

Operatie NL wants to tackle societal challenges with the development and implementation of projects. Linking problems together creates new and profitable prospects for more stakeholders. And if projects are well organized and managed, public-private partnerships can render better.

In the setting up of capital expenditure projects, the expected profit is usually distributed immediately. But putting real connections between stakeholders comes second. While we can find the social added value right there. Operatie NL looks for the parent business cases that make solutions from solutions.

Fields of expertise


    • development
    • Consortium building
    • Design
    • Finance


    • Project management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Contracting
    • Engineering en Constructing

working areas

Economic and social structure strengthening

Integrated area development

Infrastructure and public facilities

EnEnergy and Information Technology

Operatie NL finds many problems, developments and trends interesting. We try to limit ourselves to projects with an important capex component. That is where the strength lies and also the biggest challenge. So area development, mobility, infrastructure, energy, public facilities.

We are now fully identifying problems. This ranges from bicycle parking to CO2 storage and from shrinkage in the outer areas to social banking. Do you have a suggestion? Please contact us!

The people behind the cooperative

Harro Zanting

Marielle Van Rooden

Frank Keizer is the initiator of Operatie NL. His experience as a developer and executor of large projects taught him that social life is better. And that the executors of a project do not have to be the drivers. With his Keizer Endeavors, Frank makes his knowledge available to a broad circle of clients. +++ Wout Korving, as founder and partner in Rebel, is the sparring partner of directors, investors and contractors. In project financing and dealmaking, he seeks the limits of innovative project development. With Operation NL he chooses even more emphatically for the initiative. +++ Huib van Winkoop and Herman Nieuwenhuis are leaders in public affairs, stakeholder management and communication. Their firm TOPIQ teaches clients in various sectors that advocacy and positioning must always serve multiple parties. +++ Edgar Hennis, a corporate lawyer, and former partnership chairman, joins joint ventures, acquisitions and other collaborations in legal and strategic issues. Edgar shows daily that lawyers can also make problems smaller. +++ Vincent van den Adel is a logistics specialist and internationally active in the development of container terminals. For example, he was involved in the construction of Rotterdam World Gateway on Maasvlakte 2. Within OperationNL, Vincent is responsible for systems engineering.+++Harro Zanting, was closely involved at Dudok Wonen in the development of various home products for households that fall between two stools with the regular housing supply. Harro has been using the experience gained with this project for Operation NL since 2020. Harro is currently chairman of the board at Wooncompas

Track record

Operatie NL is set up as a cooperative. A special legal entity to bring independent spirits together in a proposition for the Netherlands. Operatie NL bundles the track records, but especially the visions of the members of the cooperative into an effective unit. A unit that wants to go beyond advice and project management. Operatie NL identifies problems, defines projects and then realizes them. See our method here.


  • Identify public-private challenges and convert them into projects
  • Linking issues and linking them to trends
  • Conceptualising from interest alliances between stakeholders
  • Making problem owners shareholders, forming consortiums
  • Determine participation by Operatie NL
  • Develop, design and finance the project
  • Realizing the project: project management, stakeholder management, contracting, engineering & construct.


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